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Dentists and employers are always looking for ways to bring value to the dental practice and provide patients with a great experience. One way dentists can boost office productivity is to ensure the dental team is working to the best of their ability.
By hiring dental assistants who hold DANB’s CDA certification – or by encouraging current staff to earn certification – employers can promote the development and growth of their dental assistants. Having a top-quality staff is one of the best investments you can make to increase your bottom line.


Dental assistants who hold DANB certification tend to stay with the same employer longer. This loyalty translates into reduced turnover – which means cost savings for you and a more consistent experience for your patients.


DANB CDA certificants are more likely to perform key duties around the dental office than non-certified certificants. Therefore, it seems likely that dental assistants who hold CDA certification contribute more to office productivity, efficiency and profitability.


Dental assistants who hold DANB certification report higher job satisfaction and look at dental assisting as a career. This means they take their job seriously and bring that commitment to quality to your office – ultimately enhancing your bottom line.

Testimonials. What employers are saying

I have worked with Alli for about six months and I have been extremely impressed. She is committed to teamwork, anticipates my needs, never complains, and is always kind to patients and staff.

Dr. Sarah M.

Rebecca is an extremely motivated individual. She has great attention to detail, the ability to organize and a talent for teaching other assistants.

Dr. Andrew C.

Elizabeth epitomizes the qualities one looks for in a dental assistant. She is passionate, knowledgeable and does everything she can for our patients to make them comfortable.

Dr. Joseph G.

Help your staff bring more value to your practice

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