CDA Certificants Earn More

Dental assistants who hold DANB’s Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification earn more than dental assistants who are not certified. In fact, CDA certificants earn over $2 more per hour – that’s over $3,500 a year!


Higher Salaries


More Raises


Greater Satisfaction

Earning Certification Pays

Certified Dental Assistant certificants not only earn over $2 more per hour than dental assistants who are not certified, they also more frequently ask for and receive raises.

CDA certificants frequently reported for raises and receiving raises. In fact, 70% of certificants surveyed said they have received a raise in their current position. With the higher earning power that certification brings, taking the DANB CDA exam and renewing each year pays for itself.

Knowing Your Worth

Our survey results showed that CDA certificants ask for raises more often than dental assistants who are not certified. One of the reasons CDA certificants might feel more comfortable asking for raises is that they know their worth. Because DANB certification is recognized or required in most states, Certified Dental Assistant certificants are more likely to meet state requirements to perform expanded duties. This makes them invaluable to the dentist and more likely to increase office productivity. If you have the confidence and know the value you bring, it’s much easier to ask for what you’re worth.

“Higher pay comes with experience and certifications, but you must sell yourself!  If you’re not confident they can tell.
– Michelle J., CDA


What Certificants Say

“My advice to assistants wanting to take their career to the next level is to take advantage of every opportunity to grow.  Get every certification and expanded function that your state allows. Hold yourself to a higher standard; the patients deserve our best.  Take pride in your work and always strive for excellence.” – Whitney W., CDA


“If you want to grow your career, first and foremost, start with DANB certification. Having DANB certifications behind your name transforms you from an ordinary dental assistant to an extraordinary dental assistant! DANB can help you excel your career further than you ever thought possible!” – Amelia S., CDA