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Dental assistants who hold DANB’s Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification earn more than dental assistants who are not certified. In fact, CDA certificants earn $2 more per hour – that’s over $3,500 a year!
Certified Dental Assistant certificants not only earn more per hour, they also more frequently ask for and receive raises.
CDA certificants frequently reported asking for and receiving raises. In fact, 68% of certificants surveyed said they have received a raise in their current position. With the higher earning power that certification brings, taking the DANB CDA exam and renewing each year pays for itself.

Knowing Your Worth

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Our survey results showed that CDA certificants ask for raises more often than dental assistants who are not certified. One of the reasons CDA certificants might feel more comfortable asking for raises is that they know their worth. Because DANB certification is recognized or required in most states, Certified Dental Assistant certificants are more likely to meet state requirements to perform expanded duties. This makes them invaluable to the dentist and more likely to increase office productivity. If you have the confidence and know the value you bring, it’s much easier to ask for what you’re worth.

Benefits of Certification

There are many benefits to earning DANB’s CDA certification. In addition to higher salaries, there are many personal and professional benefits, such as higher career satisfaction, career growth, and increased pride.

Higher Salary

Higher Satisfaction

Dental assistants who hold DANB certification earn more than dental assistants who don’t. This is critical, since salary ranks first among the job factors that matter to dental assistants. In addition, dental assistants who earned higher salaries were more likely to have high job satisfaction, more likely to view dental assisting as a career, and more likely to feel valued by their employer.
When asked, 88% of DANB certificants surveyed said they view dental assisting as a career, and 82% said they felt high job satisfaction.In fact, 99% plan to renew their certification and 93% would encourage others to earn DANB certification! Job satisfaction is such a big part of enjoying what you do. Clearly, DANB certification translates into more smiles all around.

Career Growth


Many dental assistants want to see their career grow. Often, that growth starts with earning DANB certification. In many states, DANB’s CDA certification is recognized or required to take x-rays or perform expanded functions. Dental assistants who hold CDA certification are more likely to climb the career ladder in their state and earn additional credentials. DANB certification can help assistants who move to a new state make the transition and stand out when looking for a new job.
DANB certificants say the biggest personal benefits to holding certification are increased pride, commitment to self-improvement, greater knowledge, and more confidence. Combined with the professional benefits that come with certification, such as paid vacation and holidays, retirement plans, and health insurance, these personal benefits translate into high levels of career satisfaction and a passion for the profession.